About us

KNOT Services Ltd. was founded in 2006. Formerly the owners and the experts of the company had all worked on the fields of real estate and public utility construction. Today, besides traditional construction activities, this company dealing with unique technological installations also implements the latest technological developments.

Unique technological installations require special skills and expertise and there is an ever increasing demand for full implementation of projects including design and licensing where contractors also consider the return on investment and make their technical recommendations to Clients accordingly. It is important for us to mingle our special knowledge with general, everyday processes and thus unique equipment and systems can be created, yet these do not interfere with standardized production and with performing day-to-day orders.

Today, the company that had once been engaged in specialist activities performs audits related to energetics and renewable energy besides project management, technical inspection and FIDIC engineering activities that are also recognized by the European Union. Comprehensiveness, modernity and long-term operability are thus ensured for our Clients. Such activities provide new ideas that are indispensable in our world today.

Our employees as well as the owners of the company are seeking challenges, new, innovative technologies and are working towards achieving success on more and more interconnected business fields expanding, by this, both their personal and business relations and increasing the reputation of our company.

In conformity with its business strategy, our company is constantly improving. Among its employees one can find engineers, financial experts, skilled workers and administrative staff who, besides their regular routine, are incessantly trained in order to maintain their competitiveness.